Waste Management, 2013-15
Print takeaway, found artworks made of CRT monitor glass, epoxy and fiber powder from printed circuit boards

Waste Management addresses the global problem of electronic waste by focusing on the efforts of a particular recycling company in Taiwan. The country famously produces more electronics per capita than any other in the world, so it should come as no surprise that it leads the rush to develop e-waste processing technologies. Present outputs of its recycled waste include architectural bricks, gold potassium cyanide, precious metals—and even art.

Waste Management takes form as an installation of this "found artwork": two cast stones made of CRT monitor glass and glass fiber powder from printed circuit boards. Accompanying these objects is a printed takeaway featuring my story, Adventures of a Genre, which narrates the circulation and transformation of a CRT monitor into the stone artworks. This story follows from the "it-narrative," a sub-genre of 18th Century literature, in which currencies and commodities narrated their circulation within a then-emerging global economy.

Adventures of a Genre c/o Bomb


      Installation view: NEVER ODD OR EVEN
Curated by Esther Lu
Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan

Print takeaway with the frontispiece of the "it-narrative" Memoirs of a Stomach. Written by Himself, that all who eat may read. With notes critical and explanatory, by a Minister of the Interior., by S. Whiting (1853)

  Verso side of the print takeaway, designed by Harsh Patel, featuring Adventures of a Genre in English, Chinese and German.   Installation view: Organic Situation, Koenig & Clinton, New York, 2015